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Our Story

I was raised in Vermont, a place full of gracious beauty and charm. Everywhere I traveled in life – from camp to college – I made rooms my own, infusing bunks and dorms with the same light and open space that I knew from my childhood home.

I got quite a shock when I moved to New York City, for my country roots left me unprepared for urban living. One day I transformed a tiny apartment into a nurturing nest, and in the process honed five concepts – the founding principles of Maeve’s Method.

I’m thrilled you are here! In celebration of almost two decades of service I’ve expanded my coaching team, enhanced our video coaching services and will soon release the Maeve’s Method Kit, a do-it-yourself version of my successful home coaching model.

Maeve’s Method is about creating happy people inside happy home and work spaces. Are you ready to organize your life and need some guidance? Well then, you’ve come to the right place.

Founder, Maeve's Method

Our Story

Our Vision

Our Vision

Maeve’s Method knows getting organizing is easier said than done. We delight in teaching skills that empower adults---and kids of all ages!---to move beyond overwhelm and create calm at home.

We understand that the need for change strikes at unique times of life. And that people learn best in their own time, and on their own terms.


To support our clients we train...We strive to keep our coaching model accessible to ensure that individuals of all ages and stages of life benefit from our teaching.

We have coaches in training around the country and may be able to pair you with a coach in your area. 

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Our Locations

Our Locations

Maeve's Method is headquartered in New York City, with a satellite office in Southern Vermont. 

We serve the Greater New York, Albany Capital Region and New England area for in person coaching. 

We serve the rest of the world --- by video.

We are actively recruiting coaches to join our team. Become the first coach in your area --- help us to expand our footprint!

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For almost two decades Maeve and her team of coaches have been helping adults and kids of all ages to get and stay organized at home. Clients love our compassionate approach. From personalized coaching to workshops, we'll help you find your Home at Last.

Enjoy a Maeve's Method session from the comfort of your home. Our certified coaches are available to assist you on site or by video on any project of your choice. Book a featured session, or contact us to customize one of your own.


Our Press Features

Maeve and her team love sharing expert tips + tricks with our readers. Visit our Media Center to request tips and to read all our press features. We are proud of our contributions!

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Our Team + Careers

Our Team

Proud and Professional

Maeve's Method Coaches are the heart of our company. Our coaches are fully trained and ready to guide you through your home organization journey. Reach out -- we can't wait to work with you!

Maeve Richmond

Maeve Richmond

Maeve's Method Coach

Veronica Pajares

Veronica Pajares

Maeve's Method Coach

Samuela John

Samuela John

Maeve's Method Coach

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